The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God

Comedy Campus
Life On The Worldwide Church of God
Pasadena / Big Sandy AC Campus'

By Bob W.
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Eugene, Oregon

Posted on 11/3/99
The Key To His Kingdom
By Bob W.

Posted on 9/12/99
Once Upon A Time On The Baptism Tour......

Posted on 7/21/99
Now You See Him
Now You Don't

Posted on 5/24/99
They Broke Our Hearts

Posted on 5/24/99
Dream On

Posted on 2/21/99
Behind Closed Doors

How to protect Herbie and his property on the Sabbath.

Posted on 1/20/99
Midnight Madness

Posted on 1/2/99
Holely, Holely Was Joe

The Stoned Apostle

Disillusionment, Bewilderment and Despair
(This could just as easily go on the Cult Horror Stores page.)

Brother Bear...
Is That Gun Smoke I See?

"He Missed The Mark, Again"
"HWA's Racist Comments"

Passover Daze

The Evangelist And The Playboy

Great Balls-O-Fire

Midnight and My Fair Lady

Long Haul Driver For Worldwide Church of God

Where is Your Hideaway?

Hello Down There .....

Mafia Hitman On Campus

Three Strikes and Yer Out!

Through The Looking Glass

Roses Are Red
And So Was His Face

A Near Death Experiance

Big Stink On Campus

Your Tithes Hard At Work

Snake In The Grass

Honey, I Sprayed The Garden

Wooo, woooooo
The Outer Limits

Now You Love Me,
Now You Don't


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