The Painful Truth About The Worldwide Church of God


John O.. Ex-WCG pastor.

Many who are reading these pages, this website, or other criticisms of Worldwide Church of God and its demented offspring groups who might pause and wonder: "Why can't we simply let things be? Why do we have to be even remotely involved with these crooks anymore? Why all this criticism in all these articles?"

The answer is simple. Apart from the quote from Edmund Burke at the beginning of this website, Jesus Himself spoke out against tyranny, and likewise, good men will always try. Truth got Jesus killed, but He blasted those Pharisees with the truth that those cowards could not handle. Those parasites of the Sanhedrin, and friends of the Temple, were the ones that made everyone's life miserable in the Judaism of the day. Like Jesus said, they were hypocrites and did what they thought was right in their own eyes. They didn't care what the average person thought or how they were hurting. They and their own egos came first. Those Pharisees and their mindless adherents were happy as long as that leadership had the worship of the masses, the income they craved, and the authority they didn't deserve.

"You are of your father the devil," Jesus yelled at the hypocrisy. Can any of us who would emulate Jesus and follow in the Master's footsteps do any less?

Many of the "ministers" that form the core of the splinter cult COG groups have caused a multiplicity of grave offenses to many people over the years. While, like Jesus said, those offenses will indeed come, He also said that it would be woe to them who caused these offenses. But please note one major fact here. It's ironic that these offending "ministers" are not really ministers at all. For sake of clarity, we refer to them here as "ministers," but it's a fact that no one can ever be a real minister in a cult. It simply means that these men are NOT ministers, and NEVER have been.

"You are of your father the devil," and while these words still bear witness, the multiplicity of offenses and evil done still live. It haunts the lives of many current and ex-members. We know. We're getting the mail to prove it. And although we hold such mail confidential, we see and deeply empathize with the intense pain and mental suffering coming from folks who have unjustly suffered from the hands of a counterfeit "ministry."

Granted, this world may not yet be under the control of some theocracy bestowed by some god, master, ascended avatar, or benevolent dictator. So, in the meantime, the evil that men do (as Shakespeare said) lives after them. Every so often in this world, the voices of free men cry out against injustice. Every so often in this world, the voices of the little people are heard. Every so often in this world, the voices of the ethical minority are heeded. But usually, it's not for long.

When evil empires or corporations fall, there are always more evil ones to replace them. Herbert and the Hitlerian evil of his COG cults will fall in time, but there will be other cults and cult masters to step in to control people's minds.

This is now happening. Let's look, for example, at the world of televangelism today. Despite their elegant appearances, as long as they're asking for money, then they are of the wrong spirit. For one example, we see an ex-lawyer and televangelist who owns diamond mines in the Congo, and on another network, we see the antics of a pink wigged preacher woman who can weep on cue. And thus we can observe some of the hypocritical antics of televangelistic extremes - from a greedy televangelist who really wants to be President, and an giddy woman who has the foolishness to make-up her face like another Tammy Fae and dress like a seventy year old hooker.

Of course, they all preach the "love" of Jesus, which He never said should be done anyhow, and all of them preach a false gospel (based on the Bible definition), and all ask for money . . . on Visa or MasterCard. To add to this confusion, we have the televangelising "prophets" who never have a clue of what's ever going on, and who don't have enough intelligence to even correctly prophesize tomorrow's sunrise.

So the cults will continue. But those who have been damaged by the COG group will not be fooled again. Unfortunately, others will. And it's probably some of these, who will either read this website or be informed from it, that we may be able to help. That's why we're speaking out about these abuses of fundamental human rights. No one can make a person follow advice or even believe any information that's given here, but all that any helpful person can do is to lay out the facts for all to see. All a teacher can do is prepare the feast. It's up to the people themselves to come, examine the food, and partake if they want to. No one's forcing anyone to eat.

Now - if the children of darkness are continuing to gnash their teeth against this website or against these articles, then I can suggest an excellent cure. REPENT.

In any case, the message against tyranny will always go out. It did so against Hitler, but then Stalin arose. It did so against Stalin, and then Mao arose. It did so against Mao and then HWA arose. The same demonic spirit is evident in all tyrannical dictators . . . no matter what degree of power they've been allowed to have in the world. Large or small empires, the spirit is all the same . . . Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Mao, Milosevic, HWA, etc. It's the same revolting spirit of human domination . . . more latent in some than others, but the potential of its growth and the resultant human destruction are very much alive.

And that same demonic spirit and power now flows in the veins of those who are the "tares" in this world, and those in "authority" who seek the domination of human spirit, as typified in the leadership world of the remaining COG cults. While people believe in many of these brutish despots and leaders, and honestly believe that they are men of God, then there will always be that slavery of mind and soul. But with some education from those who can expose these jackals and combined with the voices of those who cry out a warning, then there is always deliverance and hope for those trusting folks who would attempt spiritual suicide in such arenas of madness.

Such is our role as writers of these articles, and such - as the Webmaster has often said - is the purpose of this website.

Let us re-cap a moment on what we've seen from the articles on the ENLYTEN page.

1) HITLER, HERBERT & HIRELINGS, and this is where it all starts. An uneducated man with all sorts of twisted, personality disorders, one humungous ego, and a chronic selfishness that seemingly knows no end, picks up a book "Mein Kampf" and proceeds to implement the Adolph Hitler teachings into a new religion he has started. He enters the religious business (according to his first wife) for the money, and spreads his brand of theological madness (pilfered from numerous other churches) into the four corners of the world. Those who are theologically ignorant are impressed by the presentation and are duped. Since this man is not fooled by what he's doing and his actions are premeditated and carefully planned, the perpetration of wrongdoing is obviously against all ethics and decency. The logical conclusion derived from this deliberate committing of iniquity is that the perpetrator belongs in the category of a "tare," which according to Jesus, is an offspring of evil Itself.

2) BY THEIR FRUITS is the next step of observation. Since demonic behaviour, like manifesting many of Hitler's characteristics, is not produced by any Godly type of individual, then the source of HWA's behaviour, and spiritual DNA, must be from the very core of darkness Itself. Likewise, if the same fruits are observed in his lieutenants, then wherever those individuals go, then surely the darkness must follow. And from there, it's logical to conclude that these lieutenants also belong to the category of tares.

3) AND SO IT WAS . . . explores some scams that the Worldwide Church of God put on the flock at one time, and which the splinter groups may still do. Tithing is a scam. Are such workings the out breathings of a Higher or lower Spirit? It all centers around money and power, without which, these cannibalistic groups could never devour human souls. Within each of these groups, lies a leadership of tares (having sprung from the original rotten tree), and each spreads its own flavour of mental, physical and spiritual poison to all those who are willing to drink.

4) LETTER TO ED goes into how such things can happen. A hireling is a dumb and probably greedy individual. But when men, having all the obvious, damning information about their cult, still deliberately choose the evil way, then such men are not stupid hirelings any more. They are "tares," and as such they are influenced strongly or actually possessed by demonic entities. A tare has no conscience. He/she is not concerned with a person's feelings, security, or mental stability. They're actors. They keep a good front, maintaining the outer shell of "well dressed" hypocrisy while internally (like Jesus said) they were like the insides of putrid sepulchers. They are egomaniacs, destroyers of life, and in many cases, they are also perverts of the most malicious kind.

5) JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS doesn't justify any ex-minister and more than it justified Goering, Himmler, Heydrich, Goebbels, or Eichmann. Just because a minister realizes his "goof" and exits the cult, doesn't wipe the slate clean. If people are still deeply hurting, then that's the proof that something else needs be done - and if that cry of pain is ignored, then there is obviously more fixing that can be done and so, "their sin remains." The Nazis were executed because of their complicity in Hitler's lunacy. All folks are asking for here, in the aftermath of Herbert's insanity, is a simple apology. Is that too much to ask?

6) A CHILD SPEAKS to all of us. These are the precious ones who have been damaged, sometimes even permanently. Many a young mind was warped by Worldwide Church of God's aberrant lifestyle that was rigidly taught, and there have been many suicides, and many instances of criminal behaviour, alcoholism, drug addiction, and dysfunctional partnerships as a result of this satanic indoctrination. Is there room in our hearts for the sincerest of apologies to our treasured offspring?

7) EQUALITY is always ignored in the male dominated cults. And that's for a good reason. Cults are demonic. Let's remember that there has never been a lasting or successful partnership of any sort if the female is EVER treated as a second rate citizen. Both parties are equal, and any deviation from this logical equation is absurdity in its intent and self destructive by nature. This discrimination against women is a violation of the first order of the fundamentals of human decency and behaviour. It goes against the basic and vital formula of creation. And it's an insult to the Divine balanced Intelligence that formed us here equally on this planet. No country which has dominated its women has ever been truly successful. History is our best teacher here. If the practical objectivity of man was always balanced EQUALLY with a woman's sensitive subjectivity, then cults would simply not exist.

8) THE PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT HAWAII gives us a typical view of what happens if cult authority is even questioned. The "authority" does not have to be actually challenged . . . just simply questioned. The cult then reacts like an nuclear earthquake, and the leadership instantly goes insanely ballistic. According to the upper cult henchmen, the authority of "God" is now at stake. Reams of ugly printed material are vomited out about the "transgressor" who did the questioning. Of course, it doesn't matter if what is said in print is a pack of lies or not. The questioner's reputation must be destroyed at all costs, and avoidance of this "Satan's minister" is mandatory. People must now be pummeled with extra falsehoods, and warned of the penalties of deviation from cult propaganda. Strict compliance with cult instructions is called for, and that is coupled with the threat of eternal death - which is held out as the only alternative.

9) SCIENCE AND GOD shows us the outcome and what happens when people leave cults and think for themselves. Religion and cults have always contended that "Science" is against "God," and such accusations are pure rubbish. In fact, true science helps us understand and explain God a lot more. Please check AGE OF REASON by Thomas Paine. When science explains creation, religion feels threatened. It's hypocrisy stands to be exposed. Granted, science has much to learn, but a true scientist will always be flexible and will always have an open mind to learn the "plain truth". Religion, according to their leaders closed minded philosophy, already knows everything.

However, people still ask: "How can these cults and their ministers do all these rotten things to us? How could they lie, cheat and steal from us? How can people be so cruel? We didn't ask for our lives to be damaged in this way." Certainly not. But, please remember, we are dealing with malicious tares here, and as such - according to Jesus - these are the "children of evil."

Since this is this case, like it or not, they would be (according to a Biblical definition) influenced and/or possessed. Therefore, we're not dealing with the visible men themselves, but we're dealing with the darkened entities that possess and live through these physical bodies, and AS these ministers. And, to whoever it may apply, these possessed souls have surrendered themselves to iniquity and to darkness. Is it any wonder then, that their fruits of arrogance and destruction reflect such behaviour?

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, and wicked spirits in high places."

We are facing off against the demonic realm here, whose ultimate goal is the destruction of this planet and its people. Since many cult ministers are "intent on doing evil," then we must make that judgment according to their fruits. We must discern the difference between the "influenced" hireling and the hard core tare.

Why does this seems so strange to us? Jesus called a spade a "spade" in His day. He judged by the fruits and called to the Pharisees:

"You are of your father the devil. And his works you will do." He knew.

Can we not do the same? After all, it explains why so many present "ministers" of the COG ilk can be so callously indifferent to the human suffering of current and ex-COG members, and even promote that suffering when it leads to the inflation of their own egos and bank accounts. While no one is condemning anyone here, can we not do the same as Jesus and make a judgment call? Can we not then judge with righteousness judgment and on the darkened spirit that has spawned the fruits of the sick, demented teachings that have destroyed innumerable lives?

We can therefore say to all truly unrepentant cult leaders and unrepentant ministers in these cults that: "You are of your father the devil." And we can do this because we know what spirit they possess. This explains why the Worldwide Church of God and offspring cults have left such appalling fruits behind. It explains the arrogant and two-faced hypocrisy of an unrepentant ministry. It explains why anyone in this cult ministry would turn their back on human suffering just because those people simply questioned cult "authority." It explains the plethora of lies that follow people in order to damage their reputations, simply because they choose to leave the cult. It explains why there's been no restitution to peoples' broken spirits, wrecked lives, and the loss of dignified living for so many of the trusting elderly folks. It explains the callused indifference, and no offer of restitution, to peoples' stolen finances while the leadership minions lived in luxury. It explains the unadulterated evil that permeated every core - and still does - with each unrepentant, controlaholic leader in the cult.

And that's what we're really fighting . . . EVIL INCARNATE IN HUMAN FORM..

If any need to chat, please do so. Like so many others that have left the Worldwide Church of God cults, we're here to help.

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