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"Loving Christians."

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Dear Ed:

This is just to let you know that you do not have as much control over the willpower of people as you think you might (do you like that I got a message through to you?).

That being said, let me finally conclude our communication by thanking you for finally responding with some thought. Over the course of the next few years, I will be setting out to prove (i.e. document) the things that you challenged me to prove. I was going to anyway, because they are very interesting topics to me and paramount to my beliefs. Sorry you couldn't do a good job of it, though. How disappointing for you.

Also, you may want to consider refining your definition of "hate." Heated debate and personal objections hardly qualify. No hate here. Only exasperation over the fact that you can broadcast your cancerous messages to so many people and possibly persuade them to become as deceived and bitter as you are.

You need a good spanking.

Sean Yarbrough



I think I know that guy who wrote the last message on your hatemail page (signed Jay Yarbrough with the email address Only his name is Jason Ranew, not Jay Yarbrough (we sometimes call him Jay). His address is

Thought you should know.



I think the name may be legitimate since he had about 3 others with that name cc'd and two wrote me also.

Do you have a story to tell?





Regarding the names on that email, I believe a quick look back at the first email on 10/11 will reveal that the name of the author is in fact Jason Ranew ( and not Jay Yarbrough ( belongs to a James Yarbrough, also on that original email). As for a story, I do have one amusing one to tell...

(As Shaw well knows, using ALL CAPS in email is the equivalent of yelling or screaming at someone, Ed)





Well Sean, you are just too smart for me, by half. And you must have a lot of time on your hands; maybe you aren't praying enough?

I guess I didn't expect you to LIE in order to continue sending your Christian harassment hate email. I'm sure Jesus is just so proud of you for your deviousness. But even he said that people would seek to kill one another out of religious bigotry and you, in your spiritual rage, are in the spirit of murder. Your god must be very weak if he needs you to be his defender against me.

I look forward to seeing all your proofs on your new page countering my "satanic ideas." It will mean that you are, at least, examining what you and I believe, I think; I hope. You may note that I have also offered to take anything off my webpages that can be proved to be untrue.

I think the truth is just too scary for you and you go off halfcocked like a spoiled little child, kicking your feet and striking out rather than examining and researching what you read on my pages. There are millions of pages out there in cyberspace that I never go to, you ought to try that with mine if you can't benefit from them.

I might refer you to one of the latest emails from Marcy who feels that your hatemail is also directed at her and everyone else that enjoys and benefits from The Painful Truth.





A couple of words. First, the truth is too scary for you because you are a victim of your own wrong decisions and perverse thinking. If there are any spoiled brats out there, it would have to be your weak minded self. You are despicable.

Here are all the scriptures that apply to you. But realize--it's your choice to have all these scriptures apply to you. You can still put your pride on the shelf and change from your wicked ways,

In summary, you are wicked and sinful before the Lord exceedingly (Gen. 13:13), are violent and doom nations (Gen. 19:1-25; Jgs. 19), are abominable to God (Lev. 18:22), are worthy of death for your vile, depraved, unnatural practices (Lev. 20:13; Rom. 1:32), are called a dog because you are filthy, impudent and libidinous (Deut. 23:17,18; Mat. 7:6; Phil. 3:2), produced by your very presence in society, a kind of intoxication from your wine made from grapes of gall from the vine of Sodom and the fields of Gomorrah which poisons society's mores with the poison of dragons and the cruel venom of asps (Deut. 32:32,33), you declare your sin and shame on your countenance (Isa. 3:9), are shameless and unable to blush (Jer. 6:15), are a worker of iniquity and hated by God (Psa. 5:5), are a liar and a murderer (Jn. 8:44), are filthy and lawless (2 Pet. 2:7,8), are a natural brute beast (2 Pet. 2:12), are a dog eating your own vomit and sows wallowing in your own feces (2 Pet. 2:22), will proliferate at the end of the world bringing final judgment on mankind (Lk. 17:28-30), have been finally given up by God to uncleanness dishonoring your own body and humanity, to vile affections, and to a reprobate mind such that you cannot think straight about anything (Rom. 1:23-28), have wholly given yourself over to fornication and gone after strange flesh (Jude 7), must be pulled as a faggot from the fire (Jude 23), and have no hope unless you repent (Rev. 22:15). You need to hear this truth if they are to have any hope of penitence, faith in Jesus Christ and salvation (I Timothy 4:2-4).

All My Best,

John Sexton

(Comment: This may actually be Sean under another fake name because I received it about an hour after I sent my last reply to him. If it is, he seems to have gotten even nastier. What effect will be had by quoting the Bible to a person who gives no credit at all to the book, is beyond me. I am not afraid of the book or the god of the book.

These nuts make me glad I have a nice gun collection and I'm a very good shot.

In Glock I trust. Editor)



 While reading some of your "information" I began to wonder what was your ultimate motivation for trashing HWA and the WWCG. I finally found it . . .the LAW SUIT!

If you do't believe in this stuff then why bother with it? Get over it and do something worth wild!!! If this is some sort of therapy for you then write it, read it and burn it!!! I'm really sorry that you obviously were so weak and spineless to "discover" these revelations of yours when the man was alive and could defend himself.

If you think you have found the "truth" then by all means get the message out to as many as you can but if the only "truth" you can find is the defameing of another man and the beliefs he had then I beg you, man get a life!

This is NOT what the internet was made for nor was Christianity! Christ didn't go about spending his every waking hour and all of his energy telling everyone he could find about so and so! He talked about Himself and His Father and about the better way They had for mankind. Sorry, I didn't find that attitude in your web site. Print this if you want, I couldn't care less.

Richard Purdom


Believe me, if I had found out then what I know now about that son-of-a-bitch, things would have turned out a lot differently for herbie and me and the probably millions of lives, ultimately, that this man has succeeded in screwing up. Thankfully, for myself, the man died before I found out. I do not defame herbie; the truth about him defames him. I would have never imagined some of the stuff God's Apostle did.

I pity you and your version of Christianity which would belittle the damage that this evil man did to so many human beings and also the damage that continues to this day because this cult that he founded goes on and on.

This is indeed what the internet was made for: Free, uncensored speech. It is the nightmare of cult leaders and those who would control the minds of the little people and keep them enslaved because of lack of knowledge. Not many people would willingly join a cult if they knew what the leader was truly like in private. It was not spinelessness that stopped me from revealing the truth about this incestuous bastard, it was ignorance. Because of Al Gore "inventing the internet," these spineless creatures who abuse people can no longer hide under their slimy rocks.

And, as far as Christianity, herbie had it right because its only purpose is just the same as all religions: To make money and control people by using their fear of death and their unwillingness to research their beliefs. You, indeed, couldn't care less and that is why someone, like myself, has to care more. I'm not letting these religious hypocrites get away with it anymore. And that is because I care more about people and their being abused than you do in your self-righteous, hypocritical "Christianity." I dare say, if your Jesus exists, He wouldn't know you.




 I really sounds to me like there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye. You really have some problems and my suspision is that they go way beyond HWA and the WWCG. HWA and the WWCG is just a scapegoat. Simply a way for you to place the blame anywhere but where it rightfully belongs . . .ON YOU!

 If HWA and the WWCG wasn't there you would find someone or something else to blame for your inability to cope with reality. You call HWA "little man" but who is really the little man here? What will your legacy be? That you howled at the moon and cursed the name of HWA your entire adult life?

BTW, Al Gore did not invent the internet.

Richard Purdom


Wow! Al Gore didn't invent the internet? Well, he said he did. Maybe he also was wrong about Clinton being our greatest president? These assholes lie and misuse people as much as any two-bit cult leader.

I will leave it up to God to decide if I have wasted my life (in bitterness and anger, in your opinion) trying to help people understand what happened to them in a cult and warning them not to let it happen again or whether you are a better person than I am when you condemn me and these people who were misused in God's name.

I feel pretty confident, do you?



You absolutely amaze me Editor. You see exactly what you want to see don't you. My comment on Gore was as much with tongue-n-cheek as yours was. I NEVER condemned you for anything! I simply stated the obvious. Providing counsel to people who, in your opinion, were messed up by a "cult" is a far cry from the rabid, mindless slanders I've read from you thus far. You remind me so much of my brother-in-law, when after "counseling" and regressive therapy he was convinced that his parents were the cause of all his troubles. He spent years writhing in the ecstasy that the fact that he was an alcoholic and a drug addict was not his fault but his parents! No, he didn't get better until he actually understood that he was not a victim of his parents but rather a victim of himself! He's been fine ever since and has developed a great relationship with his parents.

For God's sake man, take responsibility for your self and quit hiding under the banner "I'm a VICTIM!"

Until you get there you will continue to be the victimizer!

Richard Purdom


 Well now that is a good one: I am the victimizer.

You obviously have not taken the time to read very much of my site at all. I have repeatedly offered to take anything down that was not true. I have said that it was my fault. That I was stupid. But being stupid does not give criminals a free pass to misuse me or anyone else. And because we were stupid, gullible, idiots does not give the Worldwide Church of God a free pass to just sweep its victims under the "Jesus" carpet and get on with their "new" church and making new money. I will be biting at their hypocritical ankles for a long time to come.

I suppose those people that were on the plane that was hijacked recently were responsible for their being held captive on the plane for eight days? After all, the passengers willingly got on the plane. Their problem was that they didn't know that there were corrupt men that would take them captive and try to use them for their own purposes. We got on a plane that was supposed to take us to God, instead we were hijacked by a bunch of corrupt men. When we found out the truth, we got off the plane. We still hold the hijackers responsible for their corruption, cheating and lying but we are a lot smarter now. And that doesn't even address all the children in the church who had their lives screwed up by this cult and they never had a choice in the matter at all. Parents do have a lot of responsibility for screwing their children up. And that goes for parents inside and outside of cults.

The Painful Truth is a memorial to all those victims of religious abuse and a warning to all those who would follow men instead of God. Just because we live in a society that has many people falsely claiming to be victimized does not mean that many people were not victimized. It just minimizes those who have legitimate complaints and gives people like you a label to put on them and to write off those you don't even know and certainly don't care about. Jesus is so proud of you.

As I have said before, I will leave it to God to decide who is right or wrong: Me for defending those who have had their lives damaged by the Worldwide Church of God or you for blaming them for their stupidity.

I will no longer continue this correspondence with you since all you can do is hurl names and invectives rather than reasoning and truth.

Your messages will be blocked from now on. Please stay away from my site. You can't handle the truth and you certainly don't deserve it.

I was going to put your messages on my regular email page but, after reconsidering since you seem to be a very hateful and bitter person, you will now go on the Hatemail page. I'm sure you will look at this as an honor. Whatever.




 The only thing there is to say about someone like you, is that you are a total nut, with a destructive mission against Herbert Armstrong. You're obviously a coward who doesn't want to hear from anyone who is able to discredit you.

You are truly EVIL.

Annette Crane




My first impulse was to ignore your goofy reply, but I just can't resist whacking a whiner and jabbing a cry baby.

You must be a miserable wretch, an intellectual zero and a genuine terd head.

"Saith the King":
See articles on bitterness.

I'm not impressed. You are probably also a big fan of Edgar Cayce.

"Saith the King":
------now who is wallowing? Who is looking back?

I stepped into your pile of shit website by accident and found nothing but rotting flesh and dead mens bones.

"Saith the King":
If I had left in the 1960's, I would have a hefty retirement fund instead of NOTHING, YOU ASSHOLE.


As a matter of fact, I do have a nice retirement. I didn't just give up and crawl in a hole like the worm that you are.

When I entered WWCG, I lost a career government job of many years, because I would not work on Saturdays. I won't waste the time telling you what I think of Government workers and career politicians.

I persisted and overcame every life accident that came my way, such as: My wife died of cancer, my house caught fire, my car was totaled by a teenager without insurance. Both parents died at the same time, never enjoying retirement.

I went into business and was falsely sued for $25,000. I prevailed in court at great expense and went on to work for the largest air express carrier in the world and retired there three years ago. I'm 70 years old and STILL WORKING A FULL TIME JOB for one of the largest corporations in the U.S. It's all a matter of perseverance, you TERD HEAD.

I am the captain of my ship. I do not fear death nor eternal damnation, as you suggested.

I work and provide for my needs. I do not have to take alms, nor steal from the unsuspecting ignorant and uneducated.

"Saith the King":
I don't like you "religious types" projecting your own lack of internal morals and integrity on me.

You probably wouldn't recognize morals if they kicked you in the ass, and it's certainly obvious that no one has thrust any integrity on your sorry butt.

Does that sound churchy enough for you? I neither belong to nor support any religious organization.

So you want the world to base it's moral values on your parents actions? Abraham Lincoln was known to travel miles in order to right a wrong, over 100 years ago.

Your father wont step on a slug and I'll bet he wont even slap a mosquito biting him on his arm. REALLY TOUCHING!

You probably wouldn't brush a fly away from your dinner plate.

"Saith the King":
We do the things that are good for society and avoid the things that are bad, etc., etc.

Unless you have crawled on your belly, among reptiles, under live machine gun fire, in a third world, I don't think you can even COMPREHEND what is good for society.

As for personal courage, you are CLUELESS in Seattle. Look, KING TEARDROPS, you need to get off your DEAD, FAT, FLABBY, LAZY ASS and do something positive.

You are worrisome and a burden on your family.

Close down your ridiculously negative "Website for Whiners" and do something positive for yourself.

Don't you know that the more you stir shit, the worse it stinks. You are in it up to your ears and when your head goes under, there is no oxygen. You said you had "nothing."

Unless you are invalid, alcoholic, addicted or a slimy pervert, STAND UP AND TAKE CHARGE of whatever is left of your life. Apologize to your family for being such a wimp and be a real man.

You can make a good living with your computer or are you already taking money from all those crying, whining sniffling geebs that have the intelligence of a box of rocks?

Please don't bother to reply. I just don't have the time for pointy headed idiots like you, that doesn't know jack, and uses people like Robert G. Ingersoll (1897) as a source of truth.

Can't stand to hear grown men cry.

Bob Smith


To The Satanist Ed SR.:

 You are a bitter evil self-seeking Devil, who is angry that you didn't get the the fame, riches and position you so desired when you were a member of The WCG,and because you was not following the True Living God but sought the honor and respect of men, you got just what you deserved. God knows the true heart. You can fool men, but you can't fool God!! It is devils like you who have sought to judge, condemn and denounce someone you never knew (Mr. Armstrong),because you are greedy for gain. If you were really serving God for 25 years as a member of the Worlwide Church Of God, it would not have taken you that long to see who was true and who was false!! God would have showed you!! That's what He does for His true people!! He Delivers Them Out Of Satan's Hands!!! He Doesn't Allow Them To Continue To Be Sucked Up!!! You would have been freed a long time ago!! Now you are left with a bitter heart and has vowed to do the will of Satan. You do not see, nor do you understand the position you have now accepted and call yourself helping people. But your introductory letters to your website reveals who you truly are!! You were never a true servant of the True Living God, nor the people you followed. All will be revealed in due time. When Christ returns you and everyone like you will see who Mr. Armstrong truly is and will see yourselves thrown into the lake of fire. It is a shame that you all have now decided to bash a man when he is dead and can no longer speak for himself. But as Christ said, "He who is without sin cast the first stone. No one on the face of this earth is without sin or worthy to cast stones. Only Christ (God) is without sin and is worhty. No man has the right or the authority to denounce or deny another man's calling by God!! Only God can show you, if you are seeking Him who His true servants are and what His plan and purpose for them is !! Following men you have missed the point and you are still blinded by your god (Satan). Now you are angry at God for what you have done or refused to do and that is to totallly seek Him!! If you truly believe in God you would let go of your bitterness, repent and end your blasphemous website. But instead you have allowed yourself to become a token of Satan,to bash what you don't understand, nor really was a part of . And believe it or not, Mr. Armstrong knew that devils like you were around "blocking" the truth and signing his signature to things that he didn't agree with and to things that he did not say. He used to mention this on numerous occassions. He also knew before he died that Satan would take over the Church that God, the Father, the Eternal God, the Creator inspired and blessed him to head and find!!! All the badmouthing and dirty words against Mr. Armstrong just proves even more that he is a true servant of God. Devils have taken over and changed doctrine to fit the world's pagan standards and are still trying to use Mr. Armstrong's name in hopes to receive blessings that they are not receiving. Because those who are sittng in the top seats of the WCG now feel the same way that you devils do. This is why they have let go of the truth to appease men rather than walk in faith and serve the True Living God!! They too shall reap what they sow!! God is not mocked!! But those who truly belong to God will be spared!! Amen!

 Signed, A True Servant Of The True Living God

7/29/01 REPLY:


Dear vacuum-brain:

Were your parents closely related?

Just for the hell of it, I copied your email into Word (That's a word processing program written by Microsoft.) Yor emale contans 657 words and 12 spellin and grammer errers. As opposed to articles containing several "thousand" words with maybe 3 or 4 errors...

Just to let you know where you stand on the competence and IQ level -midget. Either you are ignorant of spell checkers, or you need to keep your ass off the Internet after 8 or 10 beers. The mind gets a little "fuzzy" after that much alcohol.

In your 657 words, there is absolutely NOTHING except hot air and very bad spiritual breath. Your email is a perfect example of what I have been saying about you freaked out, spiritual drug-addicted christians. All you can possibly do is utter empty, meaningless, worthless, ignorant "proclamations." You have NOTHING to say.

Your email is exactly the same as all other spiritual drug-addicts. You wasted 657 words to say absolutely nothing. You, just like the others, did not state one single fact. You make endless accusations and proclamations, but you do not have the slightest shred of evidence, backup, proof, logic or facts. Outside of hot air and bad spiritual breath, you have no defense whatsoever.

Are you so deluded that you think that you can simply "proclaim" what truth is? Are you so far out of touch with reality that you think your hot air and bad breath is truth simply because you "say so"?

You disagree with us? Fine. But please do not vomit on our website and "proclaim" that it is truth. Stop putting shit on a dinner plate and "proclaiming" it is food. Your spiritual farts make us nauseous.

An ignorant mental midget calls our editor a Satanist? Yet there is no backup, facts, reasons or documentation. Just hot air, bad breath and "proclamations."

Your email is exactly the same as all the other superstitious drug addicts. Rambling, raving, all-encompassing drug-induced madness....

I laughed my ass off at one particularly ignorant statement.... All the badmouthing and dirty words against Mr. Armstrong just proves even more that he is a true servant of God.

You should cringe in total embarrassment and humiliation at such self-inflicted stupidity. You just proclaimed HITLER as a true servant of God -all the bad mouthing and dirty words against Hitler are "proof" of it. After all, Hitler read the bible at least as much as pervert did.

Facts, actions, drunkenness, incest, 200 failed prophecies, sexual perversions, illegal extravagant spending, and many other documented, "proven" facts are all meaningless. Bad mouthing and dirty words are now the "proof" of righteousness!

In other words, your own bad mouthing and dirty words against us is proof that "we" are true servants of God...

If ignorance was painful -you would be in absolute agony. (In fact, you are.)


PS: This is a perfect example of a religious drug-addict.

 In response to all three devils who had the nerve to write me with the vulgar , ignorant and stanks of Satan himself, youse have some stinking breathe more foul than a whore who spends her time on the corner without washing her vagina. Your funk has been heard and magnified by the True Living God AND YOU WILL NOT CONTINUE TO eSCAPE !! iN FACT THAT'S WHAT YOUSE ARE DIRTY, LOWDOWN, FILTHY, SCUMS OF THE EARTHS WHORES WHO DON'T HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO BUT TO CRY AND WHINE ABOUT A MAN WHO HAS LIVED HIS LIFE FOR GOD AND YOU ARE LEFT WITH BITTERNESS AND RECENTMENT BECAUSE YOU DIDIN'T GET PAID FOR YOUR WHOREDOMS!! aSK SATAN YOUR PIMP FOR THE MONEY!! hE USED YOU THEN AND HE'S USING YOU NOW. AND YOUSE ARE TOO TIED UP AND FILTHY TO REALIZE IT.



I have two college degrees and a documented Mesa-tested IQ within the top 1%.

I feel sorrow and pity for you. In psychology classes in college, I learned that 15% of the general population should not be allowed to walk around and care for themselves. At least 15% of the population should be under structured, supervised care for their own safety as well as the safety of others.

You desperately, desperately, desperately need professional help. It's far too late for "prayer," you need supervised, professional, psychological help.

Inside myself, I cry and shed tears for you. But even more -I cry and shed tears for any family you may have or anyone close to you.

We on this website care more about you than you care about yourself. And we absolutely, clearly, understand the internal, personal demons that ravage your own mind...

I beg you to get the professional help you so desperately need -before it's too late.


Dear PeaceUVLife,

Since when is it "blasphemous" to expose the truth about the man who deluded thousands and took their money? Since when is it "blasphemous" to show the reality about a man who presented himself as "God's Apostle?" If such a man is a liar, a thief; if he committed incest with his teenage daughter over years; if he was a drunkard, while proclaiming that he imbibed in the strictest moderation; if he claimed to have received "truth" directly from god, but in reality just pieced together a jigsaw puzzle from various sources, without giving them any credit--if he was guilty of all these things, and he was, why is it "blasphemous" to expose him? Why do you worship him? Was it not "blasphemous" for such a man to present himself as a man of god?



It pains me to have to waste 5 minutes of my precious life to reply to this total imbecile who claims to be a True Servant of the Living God, but shit-for-brains made one statement so egregiously outrageous that I must comment on it. Shit-for-brains said "... you have sought to judge, condemn and denounce someone you never knew (Mr. Armstrong), because you are greedy for gain."

I, William R. Fairchild, do hereby testify that whereas I used to send 25 or more percent of my earned income to Pervert W. HARMstrong, I have now become totally deluded by the Satanist editor of this website who is greedy for gain, the great Devil editor has learned how to contact me by email, he has captured my mind with his foul evil Satanic thoughts, he has been sending me requests for donations every week, and I am now sending 50 percent of all my earned income to the Satanist Ed Sr. I am sure that John O., Jim V., John B., and all the others who have contributed to this monstrously Satanic website will testify that they, too, are now sending all their extra money in to the Satanist Editor because he is so abominably "greedy for gain".

Hey, PeaceUVLife, are you SHITTING me?

Bill Fairchild

Douglas, Mass


2 PeaceUVLife:

Sometimes I'm a little slow in getting what a person's saying, but when it clicks, it's embedded there.  At first,  I really thot your lava flow of verbal diarrhea was a joke.  I figured that no one could be that vicious, stupid, or malicious.

But then, I concluded that you were really serious.  So, I asked myself, how can sane human being vomit out such stench?  How could anyone have such hate?

Sure, we can all have differences of opinions.  So be it.  That will always be the case.  But we can all agree to dis-agree.  Some may even erroneously think that HWA was a man of God.  That's their choice, even if it can be PROVED wrong.  But we're all still entitled to our opinion.  However, I'd suggest a  thorough examination of this subject (STUDY the PT Site), and it will show a disgustingly different picture.

Everything that's been written on the website has helped people in many ways.  We get the emails, so we KNOW we're helping people all over the world.  People with open minded intelligence are looking, proving, and leaving the WCG+ cults.

We're all looking for freedom.  "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."  That's the goal.  And that can only be obtained through truthful education.  Proper education.  If one refuses to look further than their own pre-conceived (especially Biblical) conclusions, then you'll never learn anything, and you'll stay ignorant.  Growth means learning more, and as painful as it may seem, we must add to our knowledge to climb to the next level.  And that means leaving the Bible behind.  No more fables.  No more allegories.  No more fairy stories or myths. No more stories invented by the early Catholic Church.  No more HWA's.  No more cults.  Now -  no one's saying that it's easy.  It's obvious you've NOT done that.  You're appear to be still happy to wallow around in the comfort of theological ignorance.

The PT Site is collection of opinions, facts, and education from any number or sources.  Most of these sources come from people of high education - many in the top 10% of the country's intellect.  One of my favorite sayings on the site is  . . . THINK.  If you can PROVE any of these things stated on the Site are wrong then please let us know.  I've witnessed much of this abuse, so I know the documented facts are true.  Since tons of research has gone into the teaching, and trying to educate people properly on the site, and many people have been put through (and can testify) to the hell they've endured while in the Worldweird Cult, then we have such a monumental mountain of evidence that "the prosecution rests."

If you have any such thing as a "defense" of WCG+, then please step forward and PROVE it.  It's your turn. Give us all a PROVABLE defense - not just a display of verbal emotion and guttural bilge.  Show and PROVE to us where we're wrong on the Site.  We're waiting.  The tonnage of negative material, that's been documented, is so deep, no one who is a loyal Worldweird supporter could ever dig their way out.

In the meantime, I'd take JimV's advice seriously and get some professional help.  Your emails don't sound too rational, in my opinion  Either that   . . . I'd suggest that you quit drinking, snorting, or whatever.. 

Try it.  JohnO.


 Unless you were deliberately ranting in order to garner a certain effect, then your reply to JimV, Bill Fairchild, and myself has given 100% proof of Jim's insight that you are in critical need of professional help. It seems that we have set you off to the brink. Go now, because you are completely out of control. All of that deluge of invective you have directed outwardly at us is what you actually feel toward yourself. Get help NOW! You are going to do harm, either to yourself or someone you love.


 A very well-named email name, no doubt PeaceUVLife. His emails exude the true peace of God, the calm and quiet spirit, the peace that passes all understanding, hope, love, joy, compassion for others, benevolence, hoping for the best, giving others the benefit of the doublt, all the fruits of God's holy spirit. Just as JimV, Francis, the PT editor, and I are obviously inspired by our God Satan whom we worship, so obviously is PeaceUVLife inspired by the true God of the Bible whom he serves, the one who gently and lovingly urges him to write such wonderfully helpful letters through His holy spirit which He has poured out onto PeaceUVLife in such clear abundance.

I suppose what PeaceUVLife would prefer to see would be a whore who spends her time washing her vagina right there on the corner. I can hardly wait to see that myself.

What is my education and how literate am I? Whip out your penis, boy, because we will now start the pissing contest. (I hope you washed yours while standing on the corner, and I am assuming you are a male by your exquisite literary style.) I had a 94.7 average all through high school. I scored 100 on the final exam in chemistry in my junior year in high school. In my senior high school year, I won a gold medal in an annual national exam for Latin sponsored by the Auxilium Latinum by scoring 118 out of a possible 120, became one of 400 national semifinalists in the annual Westinghouse Science Talent Search, became a semifinalist in the National Merit Scholarship program, but I did poorly on the SAT by only scoring 1,225 out of a possible 1,600 in 1961, when the questions were a lot harder than they are now. I have not had my IQ measured by Mensa, but it was measured by a mental health professional in the mid-1980s at 147. I think I could get in Mensa if I tried. I have a bachelor of science degree in Applied Mathematics from North Carolina State University dated January 1967. I won a $25 second prize in a county-wide essay contest when I was a senior in high school (1961) for writing an essay (in English, unlike whatever language that was that you prefer to use). I was my school champion speller (I still have the plaque) when I was in the 7th grade, and the school's runner-up champion speller when I was in the 5th grade. I skipped the second grade because I was way ahead of all the other students. I can converse in French, Russian, and Japanese. I can also read Spanish and Latin. I have also studied Greek, Hebrew, Mandarin, Hawaiian, Maori, Dutch, Hungarian, and so many other languages that I can't now remember them. I have had 10 or 15 different computer articles published in technical journals. I also was the principal technical proofreader for at least three computer reference books published by McGraw-Hill. Since you worship HWA and HWA said that travel was education, I have traveled to 45 of the 50 states in the USA and to 30 foreign countries. Before finishing high school I learned to play the piano, clarinet, bassoon, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and guitar. I can sightsing choral music at top speed. Oh, I almost forgot. Last year I signed my name to three patent applications. I was also on Jeopardy! in 1994. Other than that, I haven't had much education and am not very literate.

I am in serious need of becoming more literate, I can see. I need to know how to use only capital letters and use a computerized misspelling checker that fixes all the words I accidentally spell correctly so they will look stupid.

I always put my home town in my emails in the hope that people like PeaceUVLife will show up at my front door and confront me. Besides my language literacy and other accomplishments, I also hold a second degree black belt in Okinawan karate. And I qualified as expert with the M-14 at 250 yards.

I must repent publicly, though, for calling him shit-for-brains. JimV was much closer in calling him vacuum-brain.

Bill Fairchild
Douglas, Mass.


 You three have the nerve to write me proclaiming that I am sick and in need of help. You three need Divine help!! Oh of course one if you is totally Satan (an atheist) who doesn't deny this but write me candidly about his non-belief in GOD and the Bible. But even the fairytales do come true. You,atheist Gegbones, shall see that the Bible is the True Word of GOD and that every Word Of GOD does stand and shall come to pass!!!! You are all too dumb, too blind, too nasty,too idiotic to see that Satan the devil has grabbed you through your hurt and pain. But you all have given yourselves to him to do his bidding. I am also a former member of the WCG, who has been hurt by "so-called members " who proclaimed to belong to GOD but did not!!! But, the Eternal GOD saved me and my brother and got us out of there. If you were following GOD and not men HE would have shown you who was fake!!! I thank GOD every day for keeping me with HIM!! As far as Mr. Armstrong, I do not worship him!! I repeat, I do not worship him ,but I do worship GOD!!! I also know that none of us are without sin!!! You all have spoken your dirty hot air but I have yet to see proof , which I believe there is none. Even if there is proof, who are you to judge? If these accusations are true about Mr. Armstrong, he has to answer to GOD our Creator and Maker; just like you will have to answer for the blasphemies you speak and the evil website you have set up!!! We all will have to answer to the Creator GOD whether we believe in HIM or not!! He is the Eternal who reigns and the devils and demons tremble with fear because they too will and do acknowledge the same!!! You all are commiting blasphemy to the TRUE LIVING GOD not Mr. Armstrong!!!!!!!!! So many people have told you but you refuse to listen and you will reap what you have sown. The Eternal is not mocked, Amen!! You are all being measured and your sins are very wicked as well as vicious. You can spread what ever trash that you like about me that will just add to your dilemma.

 Signed, Peaceuvlife

Ps. With all the blasphemy, trash and crap that you three speak out of your mouth and write to people's e-mail sites you are hypocrites to accuse me of being insane, sick and in need of professional help. I just gave you a taste of your own medicine !! It was like looking at yourselves through a glass mirror wasn't it?


 Dear PeaceUVLife,

Let me say something that should really surprise you: I think you are a truly godly person. Everything you have written conveys a monumental sense of godliness. If being like god is your highest goal, let me assure you, you seem to have filled in the goal-chart with bright red highlighter ink right up to at least the 95th percentile. You should be thankful to whomever that you have been able to succeed to such a high level of godliness; continuing on your current course, you should find yourself atop the chart at the 100th percentile very soon.

You see, Peace, the god you would seem to worship is Yahweh. Yahweh is usually depicted by those of his followers (or those who were afraid of him) as maniacally jealous, and with a temper strung so tightly that, were you to bounce upon it, the trampoline reaction would send you into orbit. Yahweh is always on the defensive, always feverishly worried that "his" people will be lured into the more attractive (more humane?) worship of the mother-goddess, whom he hates with the deadliest of passions. (What happened between those two anyway? Back during primordial times, did Big Y get drunk and make a pass at Astarte/Ishtar, receiving a feminine rebuff of divine proportions? Has he been licking his wounds ever since?) Yahweh ordered the genocide of the peoples who lived in the lands that the Israelites were invading, down to women and children. Is that hateful and jealous, or what? Yahweh tries to insulate himself from all the world, like one of those psychotically jealous husbands on the Lifetime Network TV-movies, who win their wives with charm, and then progressively forbid them from any outside contacts, threatening violence or death if the wives exhibit any independence. The stories always end up a bloody mess.

Peace, your writings represent Yahwism at its finest. You thril to the idea of we three "Satanists" (hell, we don't even believe in the SOB, why should we worship him?) getting a huge judgmental comeuppance from your god. You want to be looking over Yahweh's shoulder with smirking glee to see us get what's coming to us. You convey the same defensiveness toward your god as do fundamentalist Muslims toward their Allah, for whom they feel the need to wage holy war (apparently, Allah cannot fight for himself, and neither can your Yahweh). You scream invective of the worst kind. (Oh, and by the way, what happened to you in childhood or later that has led to such a great obsession with the washing of vaginas? Peace, I'd love to see inside that subconscious of yours!) True to the nature of Yahweh, you have no concept of love and mercy. It's you and Yahweh against all the rest of us.

However, Peace, if you would care to attempt to carry on a real dialogue with us, how about communicating in the realm of ideas, facts, logic, and--dare we ask?--mutual respect? If you feel we have "dissed" you, just remember that YOU wrote to this website with your vitriolic venom. I don't understand why you take offense at the fact that some of us respond to you. Oh, that's right: it's you and Yahweh, and the rest of us are inferior, sinful beings with no right to speak. But if you could see fit to drop the emotionalism and deal with the issues that are brought up on this website; if you could communicate rationally and logically and cogently; and if you would venture to write in the tone of intellectual dignity and respect, then who knows, Peace--we just might deal the same with you.


 Peace UV Life wrote:

We all will have to answer to the Creator GOD whether we believe in HIM or not!! He is the Eternal who reigns and the devils and demons tremble with fear because they too will and do acknowledge the same!!!



It is exactly the opposite. Your god is not real and does not exist -and it doesn't matter how much you "worship" him and it doesn't matter how hard you believe in him. He doesn't exist, Peace, and there is nothing you can possibly do to make him real and alive. He just doesn't exist. Religion is a hoax, the greatest hoax ever perpetrated in history.

There never was a man named Jesus Christ -if you disagree then you can be the very first person in history to prove that Jesus Christ even existed. No one in history has been able to prove it -you can be the first.

You say that devils and demons tremble and fear because they acknowledge your god. Yet you yourself have been writing to "three" devils who do not fear and tremble in the least. Not even a little bit. And the three of us "do not" acknowledge your god. You can "believe" all you want to, but that won't make your god real. Fairy tales do not come true. (That's why they are called fairy tales instead of reality tales.)

I give you a challenge, Peace -if you have the guts....

Read my last article (essay) the editor posted on the website. It's titled "Wooden Stakes Through the Bible's Heart."

Read it Peace, then prove me wrong -according to the bible...

Do you have the guts to accept my challenge? Prove me wrong if you can -but your proof must come from the bible, not your wishful thinking, your fairy tales, your own opinions or your personal belief structure.


Peace UV Life wrote:

We all will have to answer to the Creator GOD whether we believe in HIM or not!

I wonder why we would have to answer to this god if we do not believe in him? If he doesn't present convincing evidence, is that our fault? I would think that He would have to answer to us.


 I am truly appalled at everything that you three have written!! I think it is totally sad the way you all have now chosen to live your lives. Don't be surprised if misfortune enter your lives. How can you sleep at night? You must feel that God has hurt you in some way, but the extent and the wording of your vocabulary is totally blasphemous. Are you GOD? Did you create yourselves? Did your mother reach inside her womb after having sex with your father and shaped and created you? No,she did not!! GOD has the right to do what He wants to do; when He is ready to do it. He answers to no one. So, your little Wooden Stakes against the Bible and GOD story is irrelevant and full of evil and unforgivable blasphemies. I am truly thankful that I am not in your shoes and that my mind and heart has been protected from the insanities that you all suffer from. You all have the mind and hearts of Satan( whether you believe it or not). When you curse GOD, you curse yourselves. There is no need for me to continue to correspond with evil. I do know that I am not the only one who has tried to write some sense into your brains!! I also know (especially from this e-mail) that you know that I am a true servant of The Living GOD and there was no mistake of my coming across your sardonic websites. You will be judged and your judgment is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!! The Eternal Reigns!! Blessed are all those whose sanctuary is the Eternal's !! Amen.

 Signed, PeaceUvLIfe

Ps: Please do not correspond to this e-mail. I would greatly appreciate it if you do not write me anymore!!! Your hearts are truly bitter and unforgiving to those who have caused you to suffer in the WCG, but more appalling is your bitterness, hatred, denial, blasphemy, ungratefulness, sickening and distorted perception of our Maker and Creator the True And Only Living GOD!! You all don't want anybody's sympathy, but I can truly say that I feel sorry for all of you, because you have made a morbid and destructive bed !!! Satan did this to you and you all shall see!!!!!!!!!


Peace UV Life wrote:

"GOD has the right to do what He wants to do; when He is ready to do it. He answers to no one. So, your little Wooden Stakes against the Bible and GOD story is irrelevant and full of evil and unforgivable blasphemies."


Except for one critical fact...

When you ask a religionist why god doesn't stop diseases, rapes, murders, wars and then force man to live in health and prosperity -all of a sudden god has given mankind "free moral agency" and god has given all of mankind "freedom of choice."

 In fact, religionist scream out that god has forced mankind to "make choices." And that all of mankind must make their "own" choices.

 But then when god decides to rape and impregnate an engaged virgin without her consent or knowledge, and without her fianc,'s consent or knowledge -then all of a sudden god has the right to do anything he wants to anybody at any time.

 What in the hell happened to "free choice?" This is an excellent example of religious doublespeak. An excellent example of being forced to make ludicrous excuses for ancient madness and insanity. An excellent example of "creative mud" to fill in the gaping holes of the bible's insanity.

 Let's take a quick look at god's attitude and judgment about rape according to undeniable statements and "commands" in the bible....

 If a rape victim didn't cry out loud enough -"SHE" was put to death. In other words, if a 180 pound man punched a 110 pound woman in the stomach and then raped her -she could be put to "death." That was gods own written law.

 If a 180 pound man found a particular woman "groin-tightening," then all he had to do was rape her and get caught. According to god's own laws and undeniable commands in the bible -all he had to do was "buy" her from her father.

 If a man found a woman "groin-tightening" and she hated his guts -all he had to do was rape her and then buy her. He would then, by the laws and commands of god and the bible itself, "own" her vagina.

 The woman could have no other husbands, but by the very laws and commands of god himself -the man could go out and rape a dozen other "groin-tightening" women. All at his pleasure. And if he didn't like her after he raped her, he could simply say that she didn't cry out loud enough after he punched in the stomach as hard as he could. Then she would be dead and he could go on...

 Now, by god, this is real justice. The supreme court has it all screwed up. We should start a petition and straighten them out...

 I almost forgot -we don't believe in the bible. It is up to the Christians to get god's very laws and commands enforced by the satanic supreme court. Why don't all of you Christian women get together and get the laws against rape changed back to god's way of justice. (Please hurry.)

 "Big" JimV

OK, Peace, I'll write one more time, though you don't want to read.

Number one: you seem to think you know how we "have now chosen to live [our] lives." Peace, you don't know us, so how could you know how we have chosen to live our lives???? Pray tell?

Number two: I cannot speak for the "others" here, and we are all of somewhat diverse viewpoints, I imagine--but one thing we agree upon, and that is the sanctity of the human mind. We all believe in the freedom of our own thinking, as opposed to you, who omits any possibility of freedom of thought and submits to someone else's interpretation of what you should think and how you should live. But know this: I personally am not an "atheist." I don't subscribe to your idea of what the deity is, but I also do not subscribe to a materialistic, mechanistic, chemical origin for existence. I think "something" is out there, but I would not be so arrogant as to try to define it, and certainly not so arrogant as to take that idea and create a religion out of it, and MOST CERTAINLY not to judge others and CONDEMN others because they don't subscribe to my own view of deity/theology. Can you say the same?

You'd better do some serious soul-searching, and check out your own insecurities (made clear by your ranting anger and defensiveness) before you go condemning us to the irrational whims of a jealous Yahweh.


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